WE ARE TIRED OF THE RAIN! But we are excited for Drew’s last WEE School Family Night

It hasn’t stopped raining since Halloween night.  I mean, torrential downpours.  It has been ridiculous.  I think we’re all going stir crazy and I summed it up nicely in a face book post last week…Top 5 Things You Say On A Rainy Day In A Frat House… 5) “That’s a rubber band for the Uno cards. Not handcuffs. If you hog-tie your brother again, I’m taking the rubber band.” 4) “That’s a light saber to be used outside only. Not a javelin. Yes, you have to put on clothes to go outside. No, an extra pair of Spidey undies on your head does not count as clothes. Neither does just a cowboy hat.” 3) “The cat doesn’t want to wear a General Grievous mask. I’m sure.” 2) “Books are not skates. We read them. We don’t skate on the hardwoods with them. And your brother is not a surfboard, either. I don’t care how fast you think you can surf down the stairs.” 1) “OMG I SAID YOU HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES TO GO OUTSIDE! A SHIRT! AND PANTS! AND SHOES! MORE THAN JUST A PIRATE BANDANA! MORE THAN JUST RAIN BOOTS! AND UNDERWEAR DON’T GO ON YOUR HEAD! OR MY HEAD! …. ‪#‎help‬ ‪#‎isitwinethirtyyet‬ ‪#‎frathouse‬ ‪#‎rainrainihateyou‬.  Despite the rain, we are trucking through fall.  I’ve started subbing at WEE School and while my working hasn’t interfered with the boys’ schedules at all (I’m only working when they’re already at school!) it leaves less time for Drew and I to play on Mondays and Fridays and more time to cram in errands that I can’t do during the school day now.  But, hey, if you want your kids to go to a private Christian school, you pay the money.  So there you go.  On Thursday, Poppy showed up on our doorstep when we all got home from school.  He read with us, played outside with the boys (it miraculously stopped raining for about 30 minutes), watched football with us, and ate a pizza dinner with us.  Daddy got home late that night, and then Daddy and Poppy went to Louisiana for the weekend, so it was Mommy Weekend at home :)  On Saturday morning, Evan and I went to the doctor while Drew played with Grammy.  Evan had an earache on Friday night, but on Saturday, said he was just fine and dandy (right after I booked the appointment).  I kept it just in case, and of course, he was fine.  “Just a virus!”  Yippee.  Since he was just peachy, we picked up Drew and Grammy and headed to see the Peanuts movie.  The boys loved it, I watched them more than the movie :)  Afterwards, Evan deemed it “a little babyish” since CLEARLY a 4 year old and a 6 year old can’t like the same movie, but I know he loved it, and Drew was unashamed “I LOVE SNOOPY THE BEST!”  It was fun :)  Saturday and Sunday we did NOTHING!  Everyone is trying to shake this cold/sore throat virus, so we watched movies, watched football and built forts.  Sunday we had to leave the house so I let them wear the tried and true gorilla costume and Bat Man outfit to Starbucks.  We got lots of love and conversation :)  Daddy and Poppy returned Sunday afternoon in time to watch the Panthers/Green Bay AMAZING game (Drew is a true Panthers fan!  Evan is luke warm and would rather play Legos than watch football).  On Monday, I discovered a new parenting trick after swim lessons…set up- boys are fighting. Me- “IF YOU TWO CANT STOP FIGHTING AND GET ALONG, THEN IT WILL BE TIME TO CUT YOUR FINGERNAILS AND TOENAILS!”…cue absolute delight as they build a couch cushion fort together and design a Lego village inside of it, and I’m just down here on the couch, surfing Facebook ‪#‎parentingwin‬‪#‎onemoredayofgrossnailsneverkilledanybody‬ ‪#‎frathouse‬ ‪#‎rejoice‬.  On Tuesday, Drew had his long awaited Family Night!  He has been so excited about this, not telling us the song he will sing, and counting down the days.  After a quick ziti dinner, we headed back to school and watched him perform All Around the World.  He. Was. Amazing.  I was so proud of him.  Daddy snuck up front to get a video and Evan, Grammy and I watched from the seats.  He was very proud and confident throughout the song.  Drew!  This is my Drew.  So proud :)  On Wednesday and Thursday, I subbed again, and the boys had school.  On Thursday afternoon, I had to go to a meeting right after school, and it was hard to convince Drew to hang out in the child watch for just an hour.  I keep thinking, me working shouldn’t have any effect on them, I’m working while they’re already at school!  But it’s an adjustment for everyone, and while this is a good lesson to learn (you want to go to Carmel Christian and have nice things?  Then Mommy has to work) it will take a little time to get used to.  I emailed Drew’s teachers to thank them for understanding when I’m not the first mommy there at pick up, etc, and Miss Gloria even stopped by us while Drew had a meltdown in the hallway about the child watch, and she said, “Guilty moms are good moms.  Your boys are wonderful, you’re amazing, and this is good for everyone.  But still tough.  Hang in there, Mama, you can do it!”  She is wonderful, and I appreciate her and the other teachers so much.  Anyway, Drew finally decided to go to the child watch and brought his Bat Man that he had brought for Show and Tell with him.  Cut to an hour later, and I picked him up.  He had given the teacher his Bat Man when they were on the playground, at her direction, and she had placed it in the classroom…and it was gone.  We turned the room upside down.  I am hoping another child thought it was his/hers and took it home, but who knows.  Cue another meltdown from a very overworked/overstimulated little boy.  I carried his sad self to the car, and we only had an hour before picking up Evan.  I hadn’t had lunch, so we hung out at Barnes and Noble, had a snack, and played with all of the Star Wars toys.  Drew felt much better, and we had a good afternoon hanging out and snuggling on the couch together.  We hit Chick Fil A with Jet, Benny, Hazel and Miss Carey, and the boys (and Hazel) had a blast on the playground during the FINALLY nice weather.  Until some middle school boys showed up and began playing football (tackle!) in the play area.  ?????  Really??  Feel free to remind me of this when my boys are in middle school, but I hope at that point I’m taking them to a field or someplace to play this, and not in a Chick Fil A play area, mowing down little ones.  Hazel was terrified and was crying.  Evan got knocked over and we were done.  We came home, enjoyed some Halloween candy and an early bedtime after baths and Star Wars books.  Today is Friday.  Drew and I relished in our lazy day while Evan had a great day at school.  Drew and I did laundry, cooked spaghetti sauce, went to Harris Teeter and had a Scooby Doo marathon.  I thoroughly enjoy my “days off” now that I’m subbing!  :)  Now the boys are playing Legos while I blog with the promise of 20 minutes of the iPad (Drew) and Minecraft (Evan) when I’m done.  Sianora!  :)  Daddy will be home tonight from Austin and we are excited to have a lazy weekend, with the exception of family pictures (finally!) on Sunday because it will finally be sunny.  Charlie can’t wait :) 😉

Halloween and a lazy rest of our weekend

Halloween was on a Saturday, and the boys were PUMPED!  They were allowed to wear their costumes to Starbucks for coffee that morning, and you should’ve seen them strut into the store with pride :)  Drew had a hard time riding in the car and sitting on a bench in his costume, but he was a trooper.  When we got home, the boys painted pumpkins with Daddy, Evan painted his as Yoda, and Drew did Darth Vader.  Daddy only had one pumpkin to carve, so he was happy too!  Grammy came over to help us hand out candy, and then it was time to go out!  General Grievous and Boba Fett had a super time around our neighborhood.  We saw Lukas as Batman and Liam as Robin, hit all of our favorite neighborhood houses, and got LOADS of candy.  When we got home, we did quick baths and Drew passed out before Daddy could even get in and say goodnight for him, tired boy!  On Sunday, no one took advantage of the extra hour of sleep, and we had a LAZY day.  We watched Curious George Halloween, The Goonies (Charlie was ecstatic!) and The Polar Express (no judgment, it’s after Halloween after all).  It poured all day so our plans to do family pictures went out the window.  It was an awesome weekend, just hanging out!  This week, Daddy is in New York, so we’re missing him, but we’re excited to see Poppy for a visit on Thursday night and a possible zoo trip this weekend.  Here is Evan’s 1st grade school picture, too, when did he get so old looking!??!?

Fall, and counting down the days until Halloween

On Tuesday, Evan got to present his Famous American project.  He chose to research and dress up as Jack Hanna.  He was a hit, and the teachers said they appreciated listening to a fresh and new presentation.  I guess no one has ever dressed up and presented as Jack Hanna :)  He also enjoyed a visit from me, Susan and Jillian during lunch after mine and Susan’s bible study :) Evan also chooses to wake us up with interesting sentiments…Top volume shout-out from the upstairs bathroom at 7:03am on Wednesday morning…”HEY EVERYONE! COME LOOK! MY PEE BUBBLES MADE THE SHAPE OF THE MILLENNIUM FALCON! COME LOOK, QUICK! IT’S AWESOME!” Who needs coffee? Good morning from the ‪#‎frathouse‬!  So Evan had a pretty cool dress up week, because on Thursday, both schools celebrated Pink Out Day together.  I spray painted their hair pink (they hated the smell, but loved the results) and they wore their Race for the Cure t-shirts from last year.  Drew is also battling a cold, but we’re trying to truck through it without oral steroids.  However, the nights are long, and when the little one wakes up at 1am hacking and you stumble downstairs to get some honey and lemon, and the QUART size mason jar of honey slips through your fingers and shatters all over your kitchen, so you clean that up with your beloved pj pants, which are goners, then 30 min later you tend to Frack, who is happy, wide awake and wants to discuss whether or not we will go to opening night of Star Wars during his breathing treatment, and then he finally drifts back off around 3:30am, and then at 6:36 am, Frick busts into your room with the vitamix stirrer and the vacuum cleaner attachment because, “I AM KILO REN! Good morning, Mommy!” and then you think….or you don’t, because your brain is sloppy, tired toast. Good morning from the G clan, complete with an enthusiastic Wild-Kratts- watching-Kilo-Ren, a snoring daddy, a sleeping-on-the-Lego-table-fat-Max, a snoozing-4-year-old who is probably dreaming of Star Wars 7, and a tired mommy who smells like honey and still has sticky fingers.  Happy weekend!  This week, Evan was out of school for Tuesday and Wednesday, and Drew was out Wednesday.  Monday was a regular day with swim lessons, and Tuesday, we had zoo plans!  But….it rained.  Of course it did.  While the zoo was still technically open, I convinced the boys that it wouldn’t be fun to be in the chilly rain all day, running in and out of animals houses.  So we went to Monkey Joes instead.  Not crowded because most kids were in school, inside, and plenty of room to run and bounce.  YES!  After 2 solid hours of bouncing, we went to McDonalds for lunch.  We enjoyed the BEST PLAY AREA ever at the South Blvd. location.  It was two stories!  And again, not crowded, and indoors.  SCORE!  Next, we headed over to Emily’s to get haircuts so we would be looking fly for our family pictures on Sunday.  And then it was home to chill and enjoy the rest of the day.  On Wednesday, Evan and I had a special Evan/Mommy date.  First of all, we all dropped Drew off at school.  He was thrilled as he led all of his to his class and showed us where he hangs his coat, backpack, lunchbox and where he puts his water bottle.  Evan enjoyed visiting with Miss Gloria and Miss Carol who showered him with compliments about how tall and handsome and grown he was (because he totally needs that) :):):)  Next up, Evan’s parent/teacher conference.  Evan practiced math bingo and Minecraft on the iPad, and Daddy and I met with Mrs. Brackman and Mrs. Greenleaf.  They told us how much they love having him in class, that he is doing wonderfully in math and reading, and that he is one of the sweetest boys they know.  (Uh….who??)  We are very proud of him and his accomplishments in first grade!!!  After the conference, Daddy went to work and Evan and I had a Mommy and Evan day.  We went to South Park Mall and had a blast.  We spent an hour in Pottery Barn Kids playing with Star Wars toys, reading Star Wars books, and lounging on a Chewy blanket/bed set.  Then we picked out some new winter shoes at Dicks and had lunch at the food court.  It was so much fun to spend the day with him.  I have Mondays and Fridays with just Drew, and it was nice to have a just Evan day.  We hit Target together after we picked Drew up because Drew would be sad if we looked at the Halloween and Star Wars decorations without him.  I also picked up light sabers for the boys to complete their Halloween costumes.  When I was trying to put batteries into the light sabers (yes, goodbye days of cute superheroes and animals, hello General Grievous and Boba Fett…really??), I read the warning label…”For accessory use only. Not to be used as a battle device.” …….seriously!!??  Whatever.  On Friday, Evan had a field trip to Lazy 5 Ranch.  My friend Heather (Brady’s mom) was a chaperone and sent me some super pictures of the boys and their new favorite animals (Evan’s is a bison) from the zoo.  Drew and I did our usual errands.  We stopped by our local pharmacy to pick up Max’s medicine, and the pharmacy ladies keep a jack o lantern with lollipops for the kiddies. Drew loves the pharmacists and chats them up every time we stop by. Today he was discussing his favorite lollipop flavored. “TODAY I WILL PICK LEMON FOR EVAN AND I WILL HAVE BEER! I LOVE BEER!” ….cue every person in the pharmacy to swivel and stare at us…”Uh…what?!” “THIS ONE! I LIKE BROWN! ITS BEER!” “Oh, actually, that’s root beer.” “GOOD ENOUGH! I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE DADDY BECAUSE WE BOTH LOVE BEER!” Hahahahahaha, thank goodness there aren’t wine flavors, or he could’ve sold me out, too. As it was, I’m pretty sure the ladies were peeing in their pants from laughing.  We picked Evan up when he returned from Lazy 5 and headed straight to Susan’s to work on snack bags.  The boys and Jillian had a blast decorating and stuffing bags for students in the CMS system.  Then, we played outside until it was dinner time.  We are counting down the hours until Halloween, General Grievous and Boba Fett are ready to rock the neighborhood!

Pumpkin Patch 2015 and sleepover with Grammy!

Evan had a day off of school on Friday, and Drew is always my Friday buddy, so we worked with Daddy’s schedule and went to the pumpkin patch on Friday morning!  The boys loved it.  I thought they  might be getting bored with it.  Nope.  They ran through the pumpkins.  They rode on the tractor (and took turns very nicely, might I add).  They climbed trees and made muscle man faces when they climbed to the top (funny story, Drew got a turn on the tractor first and Evan tried to climb up a tree stump.  He decided he couldn’t do it, and waited patiently for his turn on the tractor.  When Drew was ready to get down, Evan clambered onto the tractor and “drove” off.  Drew moseyed over to the tree stump and lo and behold, he shimmied right up it.  Evan couldn’t get down off of the tractor fast enough to conquer the tree stump this time, now that his baby brother could do it) :)  We made friends with Zeus the puppy, who rides around so nicely with Miss Nancy on the gator.  We picked out our pumpkins and hay bales.  Then it was time for the hay ride.  We joined a preschool class, and as the teacher directed her students onto the hayride, Drew commented, “WOW!  She has a lot of sons.”  :)  We got to see Eric milk Star, we got to go through the petting barn and feed the goats and the sheep, we petted the bunnies, we said howdy to the other cows and pigs, and then it was time to ride back up to the pumpkins.  That afternoon, we hit Jersey Mikes with Ashley and Grace, got special hats from the cool fire chief man in the parking lot, and had them over to our house to watch Star Wars Phantom Menace.  Fun fun :)  Friday night was boys night, so the boys ate Chinese, didn’t take baths, and watched Clone Wars.  On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took off for the mountains for their anniversary while the boys hung out with Grammy.  They built a Halloween gingerbread house and train.  They went on bike rides.  They wore their Halloween jammies.  They went to her park.  They played with Hannah.  They watched Snow White and the Muppets.  They convinced Grammy to let them sleep together in the guest room.  They had a blast :)  On Sunday, we all spent the day watching football, playing football, reading Star Wars books, Evan finished his Jack Hanna famous American project (he will be presenting it on Tuesday, pictures to follow), went on a Halloween walk (the cool guy in our neighborhood has finally put up his decorations!  Yahoo!!!!) took a massive bubble bath and had a chill day.  We’re ready for a full week of school and pre-Halloween fun activities!

Rainy weekend and short week

The rain is back and it POURED all weekend.  The boys had a boys morning with Daddy (they did around the house chores, watched Star Wars, played Minecraft and on the iPad, and stayed inside in jammies).  Mommy got a massage (thanks Dad for the birthday present!).  That night, the boys partied with Gillian while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner with friends.  On Sunday, we watched football and were lazy.  Monday morning, Evan went to school and Drew got to join Brooks at dance class for “bring a friend” day.  Drew was excited at first, and then nervous (“But Mommy, I don’t know HOW to dance!”  No kidding.  That’s why you have a teacher.  And you’re 4.  What kind of expectations do you have here, dude?)  He was leery entering the class, but he and Brooks had a great time.  I watched on the monitor outside of the classroom.  Drew has no grace or rhythm, but he did everything the teacher asked him to, had fun, and said he would come back on the next “bring a friend” day!  (Side note, he told me he’d rather play basketball, but that he liked to go to “Bring a friend” day.  Duly noted)  After the successful lesson, the boys enjoyed a cake pop at the pink fountains in Stonecrest.  Later that afternoon, we had swim lessons and a chill night at home (kind of) while Daddy went to a movie.  If you want to call it chill….but you know when Frick accidentally brings home a book 7 levels ahead of where he’s supposed to be, and you snuggle with him in the love sac as he ponders the word “tongue” and how you don’t say it like it looks, and how does “knee” start with a k, and your mind starts to wander to far away places as it takes FOREVER to read this book on animal senses, and then Frack shouts, “Max is bahfing!” (it’s like he’s from Boston) so you get up to check on those developments all while Frick continues on (unfazed), “It’s so cool that butterflies can taste with their feet, look, I could be a butterfly, I can put my feet in my mouth!” and then you hear Frack, “OH NO! I STEPPED IN IT! I HAVE BAHF ON MY FEET AND IT WON’T COME OFF!” as he dances, yells, and rubs his feet into the carpet. And then you start to wonder if this is really your life and how glamorous can it really get….yeah, that was my Monday night.  On Tuesday,  we met Miss Angela and Eli at Davie Park after school.  The boys loved running around in the gorgeous weather, Drew was mildly whiney, but Angela texted me later that evening that we should do it again sometime, so that made me happy :)  She knows Drew so well :)  The boys also love playing school now, Evan teaches Drew math or punctuation.  Drew will be more than ready for kindergarten in the fall!  :)  On Wednesday afternoon, we had Ben and Jillian over to make snack bags for CMS students who don’t have a meal at home, and then the kids tore apart the playroom.  We played outside some, too, and Drew even let Jillian hug him!  This was a plan in the making for all of her “two-half” years.  What a persistent lady!  After there were no more toys to tear apart, we headed to Chick Fil A for CCS’s family night and the Princes joined us.  Mommies got to sit and talk, kiddies got to run and have fun :)  On Thursday, Evan had a half day and I was the party mommy for his fall party.  It was fun to see him in his element in his classroom with all of his buddies.  We did relay races with a pumpkin, we had snacks, we did a pumpkin craft and we listened to a pumpkin story.  Evan got out of class early, so we headed to Chick Fil A (again) with Grace, and met up with lots of other mommies and friends who were out of school early.  At 1, Ashley headed to get Drew while I stayed with Grace, Evan, Jet and Dylan.  While I was in charge of the 1st grade 4, Dylan and Jet escaped inside the restaurant to get ice to pitch down the slide (I vetoed that), Jet climbed up the playground equipment from the outside (not allowed, according to the multiple signs and the elderly man who worked there), and Evan kicked a girl’s ice cream out of her hands!  FOR REAL!??!  I saw commotion, a crying girl, and a group of moms looking under the playground equipment where there was a crowd of our kids.  I ran over (sure that one of my charges might have something to do with it) and asked the little girl what happened.  One of Evan’s friends popped out from the crowd to tell me that Evan had kicked an ice cream out of her hands and it made her sad.  I found Evan, told him that he better not even plan on telling me a lie, and he said he did kick the ice cream out of her hand, and it was on purpose.  Well.  Do we celebrate the truth here?  Hardly.  We apologized to the girl and her mom (who was too kind), offered to buy her another ice cream cone, (the mom refused but was so nice, she said kids will be kids, it was the end of the cone anyway, and not to worry about it, she appreciated his apologies.  I hope I can be as graceful as she was the next time someone wrongs one of my kiddies!), and Evan came to sit in time out with me and the other moms.  Meltdown ensuing….Evan screamed that I didn’t love him and that if I had only hugged him more, he wouldn’t act like that.  ???????  (one of my finest moments in front of the all of the other moms at the Chick Fil A, mind you).  If I had had Drew with me and if I wasn’t in charge of 3 other kids at the time, we would’ve packed up and went home so fast his head would’ve spun.  When he finally calmed down (and I’m talking, 10 min of sulking and crying softly to himself in the corner, the child is stubborn), he told me he kicked the ice cream out of her hands because she called him stupid.  Not sure if I believe that or not, but we talked about how we NEVER use our hands and feet and of how wrong that was.  We talked about telling her to be quiet, and to play somewhere else, or anything, just not ninja kicking an ice cream away from anyone, ever again, no matter what.  When Drew returned, the kids played nicely….and we ended up staying at Chick Fil A until 4:45!!!!!!!  Hey, if my kids are behaving and I have other moms to talk with….I’m down with that!  We watched some Droid Tales, got Chipotle for dinner, and everyone was in bed by 7:45.  Score!  Evan doesn’t have school tomorrow because of the quarter break, and Daddy is going to go into work late so we can go to the pumpkin patch together!  Party on when you’re 4 and 6 :) 

Trucking through fall…

Daddy got back from camping Sunday night, but had to leave Monday morning to go to NYC.  Boo.  We will miss him, but we are staying busy.  This week, we had show and tell at swimming (both boys are apparently “so close” to moving up a level and getting a ribbon.  Since they are both extremely white and have no rhythm, I’m not buying it, but it’s nice to know they are loving lessons, trying their best, and having fun.  Works for me) :)  On Tuesday, we had flu shots scheduled.  I thought this through and decided to try something different.  I brought Drew right after school by himself.  We talked about what would happen.  I said it would hurt, but only for a minute, and then he could have a pack of goldfish and a sticker.  He was a trooper in the waiting room, talking himself up, telling me how brave he would be.  And then he had a seat in the chair….and then the nurse came at him with the syringe…and then he lost it.  She tried to talk him out of it, but I told her to forget it and just do it.  She tried to tell him to unclench his arm and it wouldn’t hurt so bad, and I told her to forget it, JUST DO IT!  Finally, it was over, and he was still wailing.  And then she said, okay, you’re all done, you can go now!  And instantly his tears dried up, he stopped yelling and asked, “But where are my goldfish and my sticker?”  Dude.  Whatever.  We collected his prizes and left.  We didn’t have a lot of time before picking up Evan, and when we did, Drew informed him that he would be getting his flu shot and that he already had.  I was worried that that wouldn’t go over well, but Evan was cool with it.  We got to the doctor’s office and Drew kept preaching about how he was done, how it only hurt for a second, and that it would be over “JUST LIKE THAT!” and would attempt to snap.  Evan was content to ignore him and look at his Star Wars book that Mrs. Brackman had loaned him.  When it was Evan’s turn, he trooped back to the flu shot clinic room, took his seat, and waited.  The nurse instructed him to look at me and tell me about his day.  He did, until he got stuck, and he sucked in, tears welled up, but HE DID NOT CRY OR SHOUT!  HALLELUJAH!  I was so proud of him.  He was pretty proud of himself, too.  Both boys commended themselves for not calling the nurse stupid.  Wow.  How high are our standards?  Tuesday night we went to Outback with Grammy.  The boys were on pretty good behavior, Drew was whiney, had to poop during the meal, took forever telling me his life story while in the stall, not eating his dinner, it might be awhile before we return there.  We’ll see.  On Wednesday we had (according to Evan) the best day ever.  I picked him up from school with bikes in the trunk, and we went straight to Ben’s.  The boys rode their bikes to the skeleton house, Jillian rode in the stroller, and Susan also walked their puppy.  On the way to the house, Evan took a huge spill, and his bike ran over him, and his helmet was knocked off.  True trooper that he is, he got right back up and caught up with Ben.  TROOPER!  After the skeleton tour, we went back to Susan’s and played in her backyard until dinner time.  Ben and Evan were fascinated with a dead mole.  And with making mud.  Drew was happy on all of the different bikes and the slide.  Jillian was happy as long as someone was pushing her in the swing.  Susan and I actually got to sit down and talk with other neighborhood mommies for a bit!  Thrilling!  We hit Stonecrest for dinner and the boys ate Jersey Mike’s, along with running around the fountain.  And I got everyone in bed by 7:55 that night.  Win win for Mommy!  On Thursday, Evan had chapel.  Drew and I love sitting with him in chapel until it’s time for Drew to go to school.  And on Thursday night, Daddy came home!  Yay!  We took a bike ride/walk around the neighborhood to check out the Halloween decorations so far, and were in bed before 8 again.  Today is Friday.  Evan is at school, and it’s been a pretty sweet day so far…Drew is home with me on Fridays so he’s my buddy. He helped me with errands such as running by our CPA, stopping by Starbucks and charming everyone while in his pjs, dropping off dry cleaning and hanging out on the bench outside to watch the sign hangers and roof cleaners at Stonecrest, helping me with the laundry by pushing all of the buttons and closing the lid/doors, we played Connect 4, Sorry! and Guess Who?, he helped me make beds, wash some dishes, etc…it was one of those days where I love my job and I know how lucky I am to have it AND love it at the same time….and then we sat down to lunch together. Now he refuses to eat his final 3 grapes and has yelled at me, “IT’S BORING BEING YOUR SON! I WISH I WAS 30 AND DIDN’T HAVE TO HANG OUT WITH YOU! IT’S VERY MEAN OF YOU TO MAKE ME EAT FRUIT WHEN I JUST WANT SOME CANDY CORN!” All righty then!  Everyone is home all weekend, so we’re hoping to fit in a visit to the pumpkin patch around the rain.  Yahoo!

Mel, Veronica, Heidi and Rex come to visit for the weekend!

Drew and I picked Evan up from school, and he was ecstatic to get home, put on Halloween jammies, and wait for the Bartholomays to come visit.  And come visit they did!  They got in before dinner on Friday night, and it was game on.  The kids had a blast together.  Evan vied for Veronica’s attention, but when she preferred to build duplos with Drew, Evan was a little down, but buddied up with Heidi and Rex.  The boys slept on the floor in my room and Mel and the kids split up the boys’ rooms.  It poured the whole time, so we partied with toys, Duplos, the white board and the front room where we played school, Sorry!, Guess Who? Connect 4, Checkers, Boggle, Chick Fil A for lunch and playing, Grammy visiting and bringing brownies and pumpkin cookies, bubble baths, lots of books, Christmas movies (?) like Frosty, Rudolph and Snoopy, (Yes, we realize it’s October.  We don’t care.  We pick our battles)  We love you and miss you already Bartholomays!  Come back and visit again SOON!  :)