Where has January gone!??

See, it’s almost February, and I’m wondering…WHERE HAS JANUARY GONE!?  This month, Drew had kindergarten testing and Panther Day (I was also working at the preschool that day so we got to dress up together!).  When I asked him about the testing, he said, “I did great.  I only missed one.”  (???)  Um, okay.  I learned that some of the questions they ask are, “What do your Mommy and Daddy do?”  He told me he said, “My mommy runs errands and does laundry.  Daddy sleeps in and plays with us.”  What the heck are they going to think about our family??  Evan had Panther Day the next day on Friday, and Drew graciously let him borrow his beloved Cam Newton jersey.  Wow, that was a nice brotherly gesture!  After the half day, we picked up Evan and Grace and headed to Chick Fil A to meet Eli, Angela and Ashley.  The kids partied in the play area until 4pm and the mommies caught up!  On Saturday, Evan had Gabe’s birthday party, and I totally blew it.  I thought it was from 1:30-3:30.  At 11:45, Lindsay (Gabe’s mom) texted me and said, “Hi!  Is Evan on his way?  Jason (her husband) doesn’t want to miss him before they play laser tag. ”  OMG!!!!!!!! I don’t do this!  I live by my calendar and I don’t make mistakes!  I was mortified.  I threw on clothes (I had just gotten out of the shower), herded boys into the car, and got there at 11:45.  All he missed was the practice round, thank goodness, and all the boys were so gracious.  “We waited for you, Evan!  Our team is ready to play now that you’re here!”  I was so thankful to Lindsay, Jason, and Gabe and his friends.  That is just not me!  Oh well.  I recovered so the boys could have a date night with Grammy (she let them stay up late and they watched Inside Out) while Mommy and Daddy went on a date and saw Ron Rivera at Dogwood.  He was enjoying his lucky bacon jam!  On Sunday morning, it snowed!  (Okay, like 10 flakes, but my southern boys loved it) and then the sun came out and it warmed up.  So much for that snow!  That afternoon, we went across the street to Linda and Jacob’s house to watch the Panthers game.  The boys loved playing football, playing in Griffin’s room with him, and watching the Panthers WIN!  Monday was MLK Day so we all had off and enjoyed a lazy day at home, complete with basketball practice for Evan.  On Tuesday, Daddy left for NYC and Evan had spirit week at school, starting with Spirit Day (Thank goodness Disney bought Star Wars.  He was General Grievous)  On Wednesday it was Career Day and Evan dressed as a zoologist who studies gorillas.  That night, I had a GNO and Gillian came to party with the boys.  She let them have ice cream, taught them new tricks on Minecraft, and let them stay up late.  They love her, obviously.  Thursday was Decades Day so I dressed Evan up as a 1960s hippie, and Drew had another Panther Day.  That afternoon, Drew and I brought Benny home and headed to Benny’s house to play with the other moms and kids who had the 2 hour gap in between pick ups.  Drew said it was the best day ever.  “It’s Panther’s Day!  We get to bring Benny home!  I get to play at Benny’s house!  AND we get to go to Chick Fil A for dinner!”  Yes, it doesn’t take much to entertain the 4 year old :)  For dinner, we did indeed hit Chick Fil A for Carmel Christian’s family night, and we were happy to get out since all the meteorologists were freaking out about the snow and ice storm coming.  I had texted Charlie and told him, if he wasn’t already on his way home, we wouldn’t see him until Tuesday.  I think he took it as a personal challenge.  I won.  On Friday morning, Charlotte shut down the airport and we had a bunch of snow and ice.  We didn’t lose power, so we just hung out, played legos, made it to Starbucks before it got too bad, watched movies, and stayed warm.  On Saturday, they shut down the NYC airport (they got like 2 feet of snow!) so Daddy couldn’t get home until Monday night.  No problem, we have heat, power, movies and Legos.  Grammy hung out with us Saturday and Sunday, and we watched football (I even let the boys stay up and watch the Panther’s game.  Drew lasted till the end at 10:15 and was ecstatic about the win, dabbing and partying.  Evan passed out in the 4th quarter but Drew woke him up to tell him the outcome.  Evan was thrilled.  Not so much)  Evan had a delay on Monday, but he was up at regular time, 7:00!  Drew slept till 8:15, and we had a lazy morning until we had to get Evan to school.  On Tuesday, Drew’s school was still canceled but Evan had a regular day.  Yesterday, everyone went to school (thank goodness!) and I volunteered in the admissions office.  We brought Benny home again and played with the 2 hour gap crew.  Today, Drew is out of school again today because of school conferences.  Evan is on a field trip to Discovery Place.  But that’s not why Drew requested a special day.  Nope.  He remembers back in September when Evan was out of school for his parent teacher conference, that HE had a special day and got to go to lunch and play minecraft while Mommy talked to his teachers.    So Drew was adamant that he had a similar special day.  So I met with his teachers while he played Minecraft in the hallway for 10 minutes (his teachers said he is most respectful. He listens to them and is always willing to help out.  He likes all of his friends, boys and girls alike.  He is a friend to everyone.  He can be silly and goof around with his friends, but always straightens up when reminded.  He is a straight up boy and is ready for kindergarten.  None of this surprises me at all) :)  Then we hit the gas station, the car wash (“OH BOY!  This is the MOST special day!”) Target, and Jersey Mike’s for lunch.  February will bring class valentine’s parties, Evan’s last basketball game, a road trip to Philly to meet baby Wesley, and the start of baseball season!  This year is flying by!

Back to school, back to work, more coughs and such

This week went a lot better than I thought it would.  The boys were bummed about getting up at 7, getting dressed and eating breakfast so early before moving it along to school, but grumbles were to a minimum and it was a pretty good week!  I was impressed!  And I missed them!  I really think this was the first vacation where I wasn’t chomping at the bit for school to start again.  I’ve heard we’re hitting a sweet spot with these ages…we’ll see…. :)  Anyway, it was back to basketball practice, swim lessons, school for boys, lunch and recess duty for Mommy at Evan’s school, subbing for Mommy, basketball games, get togethers with the Princes and Tinglers, and both boys struggled with a head cold, but I think we’re out of the woods with that one.  Evan is memorizing a poem (chosen by him, about animals, shocker) for a speech contest at school and has moved up to the Accelerated Reader program (he loves to take a comprehension test every morning on the computer once he gets to school, and Drew loves to hear about what percentage he earned on each test).  He is also a Minecraft FIEND!  Drew is excited about his kindergarten playdate later this month, and has plans for who should be in his class in the fall and who his teacher should be.  I can’t believe I’ll have 2 boys in elementary school!!!!!!! Some other random thoughts from this week…

It used to be, when Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” (or anything from them!) came on, I’d be singing along every word with my girls, in a bar, or at a party….and now, I’m in the drive thru line at Chick fil A, with my 6 year old. At least he’s awesome enough to love it and learn all the words!

And so, according to the Rule Book of the Frat House, the brother should bust through the bathroom door and tackle the other brother, who is peeing. A wet melee shall ensue. So says the laws of the frat house. Apparently.

It’s 7:49am. I’ve already been attacked by General Grievous (Evan with his pj top pulled down so the collar is at his arm pits, “LOOK MOM! HERE ARE MY EXTRA ARMS AND LIGHT SABERS!”) and tackled by Drew while I was blowing my nose, because, “UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT ON NUMBER MOMMY! 15 YARD PENALTY!” Bring on the coffee. Or the Calgon. Or school smile emoticon Have fun, teachers!!!

Happy New Year 2016

We finished out our Christmas break with the rest of our stay-cation and then 2 sleepovers for the boys!  First of all, can I just say, I might start enjoying school vacations more than before.  The kids are old enough where every day isn’t the exact same schedule of feeding, naps, etc.  We can do more stuff, or NOT do more stuff and be perfectly happy with a football/starbucks/lego day at home.  It is pretty great :)  So we watched football, played with Legos, went to Starbucks daily, played football, had family UNO tournaments, hit the bear museum (Discovery Place uptown….we were trying to go to the zoo, but it was monsooning, of course….one day we’ll be back, Riverbanks!), and watched movies.  There was also a lot of playing outside with the train tracks, bikes and nerf guns, the weather was pretty crazy warm, for December.  For New Years, Mommy and Daddy went to Charleston and the boys got to party with Gillian, Grammy and Emily.  They played piano and watched Scooby with Gillian, they built gingerbread houses and had a sleepover with Grammy and Hannah, and they went to the Lego store, saw Star Wars and had a sleepover with Emily and her doggies Sadie and Amber.  I’m not sure who had more fun, Mommy and Daddy in Charleston, or the boys with 3 of their favorite ladies (and their doggies) :)  Back to school/work next week will be rough, boo!

Merry Christmas 2015!

It’s here!  It’s here!  We’ve had pull off calendars going since October.  It’s Christmas!!!!  We loved having Nana and Emily here, we loved the candle light service at church on Christmas Eve, we loved having Fred here but will miss him until next year (or not), (Fred’s last perch was in the blender.  Golly, Fred! What a great hiding place!!! Now alllll day, whenever I hear fighting/bickering/bossiness/”poopy pants stinky winkie!!!” name-calling, I just have to threaten to make a smoothie and allll is calm), we loved cooking and eating all week (I made my awesome Basalmic Orange Cranberry sauce….as I cook it, the boys run away upstairs because they hate the smell of boiling basalmic vinegar, and the fan above the oven drowns out any and all noise in the house!!! This is my favorite holiday recipe for every holiday now!!! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Tuesday…), and we loved our presents!  It was Legos, keyboard, Cam Newton jersey, Minecraft, Star Wars and undies galore.  Nana and Emily have gone back to Cleveland, we are being lazy watching football, and are not looking forward to Daddy going back to work tomorrow, but at least we have all week out of school again!  (Again, help me Lord!) :)  Merry Christmas!

The Polar Express!

On Tuesday, we packed up the boys and told them we were going on an adventure.  When we were close to Asheville, we stopped for lunch and who would we meet at the Cracker Barrel, but the Princes!  What a coincidence!  :)  We had a crazy lunch and then powered on to Bryson City at the Fairfield Inn.  The boys were thrilled to be staying in a hotel, but we told them that it would get even better if they put on their Christmas pjs and hopped back into the car.  Then, we met the Princes at THE POLAR EXPRESS!  The boys were thrilled, even more so when they noticed Daddy and Philip’s candy cane pj pants :)  We posed for some pictures and then boarded the train.  We handed our golden tickets to the conductor (how did he know to give Evan 6 punches and Drew 4 punches??) and we were on our way.  The boys loved the hot chocolate and whipped cream and looking out the windows at all of the lights.  They weren’t too impressed with the reading of the story the Polar Express, but they used their good manners and patience.  Then, we saw all the lights of the North Pole and saw SANTA waving to us from his house!  It was amazing!  However, caribou blocked the train, and we had to turn around.  But when we passed the North Pole again, Santa was gone!  Our car concluded that he was either at the beach, in the bathroom, or somewhere on the train!!!  And wouldn’t you know it, a few minutes later, guess who opened our door and passed through our train car!??  Santa himself!  The boys were mesmerized, especially when he said, “I know you two have been pretty good boys, but I know you both can work on being better behaved and getting along for your Mommy.”  I LOVE SANTA!  He handed them both magical bells and was on his way to the other children.  It was awesome :) :) :)  Afterwards, we hit dinner with the Princes at a very hot, crowded local pizza place, and then crashed at the hotel.  On Wednesday, we had breakfast in Asheville with our buddies and then split up as we returned to Charlotte and Nana and Emily.  We only have 2 more days until Christmas, but who is counting??  I mean, I’m not the only mom who dribbles some wine from her glass on the steps taking the kids up to bed, and gets accused of having purple teeth from the 6 year old when laying with him and praying, right?? RIGHT?!

Christmas visitors are here!

On Saturday, we had Evan’s second basketball game, and he played great.  He scored 2 or 3 times (I counted 2, he said 3) and had a blast.  Saturday evening, we had our annual gift exchange/dinner with the Tinglers and Princes, but Lindsay had the great idea for instead of giving gifts to each other, why don’t we make snack bags instead, and Susan and I loved it.  The kids decorated bags, packed them up, and then tore apart Lindsay’s playroom.  They also took a ride in Clay’s truck around the neighborhood to look at all the lights.  After the festivities were over, I headed home with the boys and Daddy headed to the airport to pick up Nana and Emily.  They will be here all week for Christmas and beyond and the boys were thrilled to see them Sunday morning.  On Monday, we surprised the boys with an early showing of Star Wars VIII.  They loved it.  Drew did better than I thought he would with the 3D glasses and  with only a few seat changes to my lap and back to his own seat, and Evan was mesmerized the entire show.  He was feeling under the weather with a little fever, but powered through (come on, it’s Star Wars!  No way he was missing it).  We have a surprise for the boys on Tuesday…I wonder what it will be?!?

Counting down until Christmas

The boys have two more weeks of school.  With basketball practice, swim lessons, class parties, Fred visits, get togethers with friends and the general giddiness of the season, it will be here before we know it!  On Tuesday, the boys had school, and I was tired and grouchy after the Redskins loss to the Cowboys the night before, but Drew’s dentist called to say they could squeeze him in to get his two cavities filled. Sorry, pal. Misery loves company, let’s hope a little Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas will cheer us up afterwards. I picked him up early from school and we hauled it to the dentist’s office.  He did a great job, Mary even stopped by and checked on him.  Afterwards, we hung out and watched Star Wars I (he got to pick, I would’ve preferred The Grinch, but I didn’t get a cavity filled) and then we picked up Evan and headed to swim lessons.  Wednesday morning, Drew and I hit the post office after we dropped Evan off at school.  Do you know how long it takes a 4 year old to place each of the 164 Christmas cards in the mail slot INDIVIDUALLY and comment on about 89% of them “Who is this for?? This is going all the way to HAWAII?!? Why did you write in cursive, because I can’t read that. Why did you put stickers on these? I like stickers. These are Christmas stickers. This stamp says our name. I can spell our name, G-A-U-T-R-E-A-U-X, I can write it too, I’ll write it right here, wait, let’s start over and I will count them, why can’t I write on these, you did…” because I do. Also, thanks to the elderly lady who waited patiently for her turn even though I offered to scoot our floor picnic to the side so she could mail her letters, and I appreciate her graciously plucking my back, “Here, dear. This is probably not your fashion statement.” Why, no, it’s not, thank you. I usually only wear Spider Man Ultimate Patient stickers from the dentist on Fridays. ‪#‎frathouse‬ ‪#‎heneverstopstalking‬ ‪#‎glamour‬ ‪#‎futuremailman‬ ‪#‎itsalwaysaparty‬  Friday night, the mommies hung out at Lindsay’s house while the daddies took the kids to our house for pizza and fun.  Saturday morning, Evan had his first basketball game.  I missed the first few minutes (and his first basket!!!!!!!!) because I was doing the Jingle Bell run, but I made it for the rest of the first half, and he even made another basket in the second half for me to see!  Saturday night, we had the Princes over to cook out (the weather has been amazing!) and I love having great neighbors and awesome friends who don’t bat an eye if I’m wearing polar bear printed flannel pj pants and an old tshirt. At 5pm. Outside. With flip flops. ‪#‎maybetoomuchwinelastnight‬ ‪#‎tired‬ ‪#‎burneditoffwitha5K‬‪#‎notreally‬ ‪#‎wouldhavewithamarathon‬ ‪#‎maybe‬ ‪#‎probablynot‬.  Sunday night, we were just hanging around and being lazy, and Charles hates wrapping presents, so he offered to watch Home Alone 2 with the boys while I’m locked in the office by myself with presents, wrapping paper, wine, Green Bay beating the Cowboys, scissors somewhere, I think some tape…I win  ‪#‎legoslegoseverywhere‬ ‪#‎starwarsundies‬ ‪#‎sitdowndez‬‪#‎yupillhaveanotherglass‬ ‪#‎winning‬.  On Monday night at basketball practice, Philip pulled out Evan’s very loose tooth.  Drew hung out with Grammy so Mommy could actually watch practice.  Overall, the boys have been getting along pretty well, but Evan has been on a joke kick, because first grade boys like to tell jokes. Frick is lucky that he usually has a rapt audience in Frack. However, Frack can get bored with the (never ending) jokes and explanations. Today he cut Frick off when Frick was explaining what “sharp” meant pertaining to a “sharp dressed fish” (a swordfish, ba dum ching!!!) Frack interrupted him, “I know what it means. I get it. ZZ Top told me. Like a sharp dressed man.” Touché. Score one for the little brother with great taste in music.  Towards the end of the week, we were all getting a little frazzled and one day despite indulging in a Venti Starbucks this am, I found myself sitting in the 1pm car line and suddenly realizing several problems with the scenario…1) I don’t do a car line pick up until 3pm 2) Evan is not in kindergarten (the current car line) 3) I should be in the building to get Drew, who is usually in the car with me for the 3pm car line pick up…. ‪#‎haaaalp‬‪#‎mommiesneedchristmasbreaktoo‬ ‪#‎morecoffeeplease‬ ‪#‎onemoreday‬.  Thursday night, we braved the rain and hit Chick Fil A for Evan’s family night.  It was pouring and and workers kept telling me my boys were outside and getting wet, and I assured them that I knew it, that was a good thing, and I appreciated their concern.  On Friday, Evan had a half day, so we picked him up early and took Eli with us too.  The weather was cooler but sunny, so we hit Chick Fil A again and met Ari and her little brother as well.  We played all afternoon and wore the boys out.  Bring on Christmas break!  14 days off of school….God help me.