First full week of first grade

Summer is truly over, and we’re all adjusting.  I’m actually MISSING it (don’t tell!).  I loved the lazy mornings, I mean, the earliest we had to be someplace was to the pool at 10.  They still woke up at 7am every day, but we could lounge around in pjs.  I could go for a run.  They could watch some netflix.  Now, we have to eat breakfast and get dressed and brush teeth and be out the door by 7:35.  Drew is my Slowpoke McGee and is always in his pjs and still eating his breakfast in the car line.  That will change (at least he’ll be dressed) when he starts school but that’s not for another 12 days!  Heeeeellllpppp!!!!  Anyway, this week….Monday, Evan had school and Drew and I volunteered to do collating for Mrs. Brackman.  (i.e., I did collating, Drew played on the iPad).  Then we did errands and picked up Evan later that afternoon and rushed to swim lessons.  We pick up Evan at 3, swim lessons are at 3:30.  I thought it would be tight, but we made it easily.  The boys had great lessons with their new goggles, and then we showered there so we could just play and relax at home.  The afternoons are much shorter now that Evan is in school until 3!  Tuesday was my birthday.  My boys (all 3 of them, Max doesn’t count because he can’t read a calendar) treated me like a birthday queen all day.  I was serenaded.  I got gifts (a fuzzy blanket and lotion from Evan, a couch pillow and lotion from Drew, a spa gift card from Daddy).  I got a cake (from my fantastic friend Stephanie, who covered all of my favorite things, wine, running, sunshine, my true age of 29, hearts, flowers, and my dudes’ names).  Drew and I hung out with Juliane and Sully at the park that morning, where my spectacular friends showered me with more gifts (Oreos!  Cupcakes!).  That night, we went to Zapatas for dinner so I could have a margarita and the boys could swing on the trees.  Our behavior was not stellar, but we are still getting used to our new schedule and such.  On Wednesday, we exercised and chased Daddy in the Tahoe as he drove to the airport.  We will miss him, but Drew sent Cheetah with him so Daddy will send us lots of pictures of all the fun Cheetah is having in San Francisco.  Later that morning, Drew and I had his 4’s orientation!  He got to play with Miss Gloria and Miss Carol (and favorite friends Coen, Nevin, Benny and Ally) while I got to sit in the meeting and listen to the handbook being read to me for the 6th time.  But it was the last time! :)  Then we celebrated with lunch at Jersey Mike’s (guess who picked) and then hung out until it was time to get Evan.  We headed straight to Squirrel Lake Park after pick up, because I thought that with extra run around time, the boys would be calmer/nicer/sweeter in the evening.  NOPE!  But it was still fun.  We went on nature walks.  We went “fishing.”  We played hide and seek with other kids.  We had breakfast for dinner and leftover cake for dessert.  Evan was full after his icing was gone.  Drew pounced on that and cheered, “I get two cakes!”  Evan changed his mind and wanted his cake back.  I negated that.  Evan pouted.  Drew cheered.  No one wore clothes.  And this is my life :)  They also played in the garden.  Side note, thing #1357894 that you don’t want to hear from the backyard while you are doing the dishes…”WE ARE MAKING A BIG CHEMICAL HOT CHOCOLATE IN YOUR GARDEN! BUT DONT WORRY, WE TOOK OFF OUR CLOTHES AND JUST HAVE OUR UNDIES ON!” On Thursday, Evan had a great day at school (his other front tooth is extremely loose.  I’m surprised it’s held on this long.  He won’t wiggle it at school because Mrs. Greenleaf said that it grosses her out. I assured him that she is a first grade teacher, she knows how to do this, even if it grosses her out, she will help him if it falls out at school.  Anyway, it’s still there).  Drew and I were lazy.  We got coffee.  We watched Droid Tales.  We did laundry.  We packed for this weekend.  We did more laundry.  We went to pick up Evan and then it was the end.  The end of the world.  Drew refused to pee on the potty and get into the car.  Whaaaattt??  Check out his pictures.  Pill.  “Can you feel the sadness?!! I have the meanest mommy ever! She had the NERVE to make me pee on the potty and get into the car to pick up my brother. THE NERVE!!! I showed her. I told her she was mean and that I was moving to California and never visiting her. I also screamed like a wild-banshee-cat-being-bathed to the delight of anyone in hearing distance of the car line and wouldn’t wave to any of the teachers. I’ll show her!” What a fun afternoon!  :)  Tonight, Grammy is coming over to give the boys dinner and baths while Mommy goes to 1st Grade Parent Orientation at Carmel.  I’m treating it as a GNO.  Don’t laugh.  Tomorrow, we pick Evan up from school and head to Lauren’s to spend the weekend with her, Logan, Jersey and Bronx.  My boys are excited!

Lazy weekend

IMG_3965 IMG_3966 IMG_3968 IMG_3968On Friday, Evan had his second day of first grade.  This was the first day of the car line.  I was first in line!  (This will never happen again.  I blame it on the fact that CMS hasn’t started yet and there was no traffic).  Since we were early, there were no teachers outside yet.  Evan didn’t care, “I’m ready!”  I was nervous…”Are you sure you know how to get to your classroom?”  “Don’t worry Mom, I’ve got it.”  With hugs for me and Drew, he bounded into school, leaving me very teary eyed, and with Drew saying, “No worries, Mama, you still have me all day!”  True, true.  Drew and I headed home, Mommy ran, and then we packed up to go visit old friends at SV.  Drew especially loved playing with Jeb, racing Hot Wheels down the ramp in the hallways, and racing down the hallways.  But the MOST FUN was Mrs. Wasco’s smart board.  He had a blast coloring, erasing, and playing teacher.  After the boys were done with playing nicely while the grown ups talked, we headed to La Unica for a Mexican lunch.  Drew talked in Spanish to the gentlemen behind us (who were very patient and kind), ate his weight in chips, refused to eat his cheese quesadilla, ate raisins, and looked at the cookie magazine with Jeb and Mrs. Wasco.  Afterwards, we headed home for some downtime before it was time to pick up Evan.  Evan had a great second day at school, he bought lunch, ate outside, and got a calendar for specials next week.  He has library, PE, science lab, computer class, Spanish, art and music throughout the week.  Awesome!  Mrs. Brackman AGAIN stuck her head in the door and raved about Evan, “So well behaved and a joy to have in the class!  I already love him!”  Proud!  We headed home for Boys Night with a Star Wars movie and Chinese food with Daddy, while Mommy had a girls night.  On another note, while Evan is doing fantastically in first grade, he has remarked on how long the day is and seems exhausted.  It also seems like he’s using all of his good behavior in school and bringing home his “let’s annoy the crap out of my little brother” behavior, lucky us.  I know he’s exercising all of his self-control at school, and everything is an adjustment, and if I had to choose, of course I’d choose for him to behave better at school, but hopefully, as we all get adjusted, I won’t have to choose.  Until then, we’ll just give extra snuggles and try to get as much one-on-one time as possible with the boys.  On Saturday, we were LAZY.  We read the Star Wars book.  We played bring every toy from the playroom into Mommy and Daddy’s closet (our fort). We watched Ghostbusters.  We colored Star Wars pictures that Daddy printed from the computer.  We picked out our Halloween costumes (today Drew wants to be the Emperor.  Evan wants to be General Gravous.  Yesterday Evan wanted to be Darth Maul.  Only 69 days left until Halloween, good thing Mommy is just brainstorming about costumes and not ordering anything yet).  We went to Hunter’s football game.  The Wildcats lost but we got to see Hunter play, eat ice cream, and watch the cheerleaders, so at least my boys were happy!  :)  Tonight, we watch Panthers football and Return of the Jedi, lazy lazy lazy.  Tomorrow, it’s watching the panda cam, laundry and football.  Because Evan is exhausted and everyone is rushed with school starting back, we will enjoy a good lazy weekend and not feel guilty :):):)

Evan’s first day of first grade!

IMG_3931 IMG_3943 IMG_3945 IMG_3955 IMG_3951 IMG_3954 IMG_3957 IMG_3959 IMG_3963We woke up ready for the first day of first grade!  Everyone ate breakfast, Evan posed for pictures (Drew couldn’t join in since he was still eating, he’ll always be my slowpoke mcgee) and then we packed into Mommy’s Honda and made our way to school.  Since it was the first day, we walked Evan inside.  Drew was ecstatic to help.  Evan did great, gave everyone hugs, and walked in to Mrs. Brackman and Mrs. Greenleaf like a pro.  Then Daddy, Mommy and Drew headed home to a quiet house.  Daddy worked from home, Mommy ran and then took Drew on some errands (he’s my big helper!), and we were excited when it was 3:00 and time to join the car line to pick up Evan!  He had a great first day, he has an all boys table (with Gabe, Dylan, Jack and his new friend Miki) and even got to chase Logan on the playground (winning!).  Mrs. Brackman stuck her head in the window and said, “Evan is an absolute delight!  He’s a joy to have in the classroom.”  Mom pride!  Since Evan had a blast, Mrs. Brackman had high praise, and Evan is excited to go back tomorrow, I’d say we had a great first day :) We finished off the day with dinner at Brixx (the new first grader’s choice) and ice cream at Cold Stone.  Winner winner!

Twas the night before first grade…

IMG_3942Big mistake.  Big.  HUGE!  I just went and re-read what I wrote last year on the night before you were a kindergartener.  Am I crazy??  I swear it was just yesterday that I was writing that post!  But it was ONE YEAR AGO!  Because tomorrow, you’ll be a first grader!  (I know I said this last year.  Kindergarten seems like it’s for BIG KIDS! And NOW, 1st GRADE seems like it should be for OLD KIDS!  And you’re not old!  BUT YOU ARE!!!) How is time racing along like the speed of light!??!  It was just yesterday that you were in diapers.  Wearing bibs.  Where I was a psychotic first time mom and cut your blueberries in half.  Pulling up on the front door to watch the garbage truck or school bus.  Saying, “No hit beh-beh!  Be ju-ju.”  Pasting your room with diaper cream.  Bashing your head on your crib.  Making us put duct tape on your light switches because you had an all night party with the lights on every night.  Making us duct tape your diapers because you wanted to be naked bacon 24-7 and you weren’t potty trained yet :)  (you obviously still like to be naked bacon) :)  Now, you do Lego sets intended for 8-12 year olds.  You READ everything!  You spell and write your first and last name (that’s seriously quite a feat).  You help your brother with anything and everything.  You swim like a fish.  You like to read chapter books like The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Socks.  You set up baseball stadiums in the living room and coach Drew through a game.  You love Star Wars movies, and understand them way better than I can, and I actually try now that I see how much you and Drew love them.  You spell out your brother’s name on the pool deck with a water gun so he can be just like you and have his name spelled out, too.  You play games with your friends.  You still ADORE animals and actually know really cool facts about them all, especially your favorites, gorillas and reptiles (thank you, Snakes and Crocs book.  Yes, I always wanted to know how a horned toad will shoot blood out of his eyes at you when you pick him up).  You are so gentle with Max.  You help Mommy and Daddy with chores.  You are a BIG KID and I love it and hate it at the same time.  You have gotten a little more apprehensive in your “old” age, seemingly more timid on roller coasters and during thunder storms recently, but I know it’s because you’re so smart and you’re so much more aware!  You’re still fearless in new situations with new friends, and I love that you think everyone is a friend, no matter what.  You will do fantastically in first grade.  You’re excited about old and new friends in your classroom (I was SO proud as you welcomed a student who was new to Carmel this year).  I will miss you LOTS tomorrow (8-3 is a long day!) but Drew and I are so excited to hear all about your day.  I’m going upstairs to snuggle with you one last time as an almost first grader.  I’ll untangle you from your covers, flip your pillows (you’re a HOT sleeper, sweaty head!) and cover you back up, with your stuffed animals lined up along the foot of your bed.  Good night, my almost first grader.  Don’t ever forget that you’ll always be my big man, my squienchy face, no matter how old you are or what grade you’re in.  I love you more than anything!

The last days of summer…

IMG_3924 IMG_3928 IMG_3934 IMG_3936 IMG_3937We had the rest of the weekend and 3 days of this week….and that was the end of summer!  We fed Big Boy and got Miss Babs’ mail (we love her beanie baby teddy bears!) and we watched Remember the Titans (the boys love to play football during the “boring” parts and watch during the football games).  We hit Lindsay’s pool with Emmerson and Lucas, Evan LOVED the big slide and the lazy river, Drew had a harder time being 4 and not being able to do all that Evan could do.  We also sold some Go, Play, Save books (I promised gorilla delivery to whoever ordered one, so on Tuesday, we rolled up to Statesville to deliver one to Jonathan and played with him and his sons for a bit, the boys deemed it the COOLEST HOUSE EVER because of the Hot Wheels track on the wall and the 2,000 Rescue Bots and Transformers.  You can tell Dad stays home in that house, and my boys were JEALOUS!  :)  Today we hit our pool with Ashley and Abigail.  The kids played all over the pool (Drew has free reign now that he actually swims to the ladder and can jump in any where, he LOVES being able to go wherever with the big kids) and we took last pictures of the future first graders, because tomorrow, they will be official first graders!  Where has the summer gone??

We have a rising first grader!

IMG_3918This morning was Evan’s Open House.  He got to meet Mrs. Brackman and Mrs. Greenleif (his teachers), sit in his desk (right beside Logan!  Woohoo!  However, Mrs. Greenleif noticed that Logan was at a table with all boys, so she said she may do some switching around with the seats), put all of his supplies away, meet new friends like Barrett and old friends like Logan, Abigail, Jonathan, Brady, Isaac, and Dylan, and meet the Carmel Cougar.  I can’t believe he’ll be an official first grader next Thursday!  Tonight we are going to a birthday party while the boys hang with Grammy.  Drew was sad that he wasn’t invited and asked if he could come, too.  Evan told him, “Grown up parties are boring.  All they do there is drink wine and talk.  It’s no fun.”  Touche!!!!!!!

Football is back and another pool play date

IMG_3900 IMG_3899 IMG_3901 IMG_3911 IMG_3908 IMG_3912On Thursday, we went on errands and sported Redskins t-shirts for the preseason game that night.  We hit Harris Teeter and the mall with Mommy.  While Mommy will miss the summer laziness, she is very excited to do errands solo once real school starts again :)  That night, we went to Zapatas for dinner with Grammy.  I remember when the boys were little, watching people eat on the patio and drink margaritas while their kids climbed the trees and ran around the fountains without grown ups having to toddle behind them because the would fall into the fountain, or off of the trees….HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!  We’re there!!!!!!!!!  The boys loved it and we’ll be returning soon, I’m sure.  On Friday, we hit our pool with the ladies again, and the boys loved playing prisoner with Ashely who swam in the deep end with them.  I went in, too, and Abigail was on my team while we fought against the stinky boys with their stinky feet power.  We have less than a week before school starts, so here are some more summer highlights from FB…

We bought this house in 2006. If I had known then that it would’ve one day become a frat house, I would’ve saved money and told the builder, “No thanks, no bathroom doors, we’ll save the costs there.” HOW HARD IS IT TO CLOSE THE DOOR WHEN YOU ARE DOING YOUR BUSINESS?! And if I’m in there, what makes you think that I want the door open?? I closed it behind me, it should stay closed until I open it, not you!!! And I don’t need a narrative of what you’re doing in there! And if you choose to remove any clothing in there, you should put it back on before you come out! And I don’t need a full blown report on what your business looked like! And no one wants to see it, either, so don’t ask! And underwear should cover your heinie, not your eyes (ie, it is not a hat!) I quit, pass the wine.

A little one with a cold (ie, SO MISERABLE AND WHINEY GAHHHHH SOMEONE COME GET HIM!) + an older one intent on bugging the crap out of miserable little one 24/7 + a sick mommy + cabin fever for everyone + a bathroom mishap that involved a flooded sink + laundry for days + hot as all Hades weather = a trip to the Arby’s drive thru for lunch. No shoes, everyone in jammies, curly fries for all.

When you text your hubs and apologize for being short on the phone, you’re just tired of telling people to stop using the force at the dinner table…