Evan’s 7 year well check, and another baseball game


Evan, Drew and I traipsed to the doctors office after I picked him up from school on Tuesday.  Ms. MaryAnne got us back quickly, and weighed and measured Evan.  I think she shorted him on an inch on his height, but anyway, she clocked him at 50.75 inches (90%) and 4 feet 2.75 inches, 55.6 lbs (71%) and his BMI is 15.18 (40%).  Dang, I’m jealous of that BMI!  He did super for the exam, telling Dr. Downing how he doesn’t really like veggies, but he loves fruits, however, when she asked him to tell her about the veggies he DOES like, he impressed her with, “Broccoli, green beans, corn, tomatoes…” so we’ll call that a success.  She asked if he was drinking lots of water and milk and I told her that’s all they ever had.  He pipes up with, “But I love soda!  I had some today.”  I was like, what the heck, I know you can’t buy that at the cafeteria and you most certainly did not!  He explained that Braiden brought some in to try because they are all doing their international projects, not sure which country constitutes soda, but he got to try some and loved it.  Fine.  Happy that it was explained so Dr. Downing doesn’t think I’m a liar 🙂  After the appointment, the boys grabbed their Spidey stickers, we cruised through the “Windy’s” drive thru for chicken nuggets, had a quick dinner of nuggets and strawberries, and then we were off to Evan’s baseball game.  He did a great job in the field, paying more attention (thank goodness, because he is really going to get hit with a line drive one of these days) but he struck out twice.  Oh well, next time.  He had a great attitude about it since they won, and his teammates are still supportive and awesome.  Trevor gave Evan one of his old batting gloves, “I see you don’t have any, and I have an extra, it could help you hit better, if you want to try it!”  Love these boys 🙂  Today, Evan presented his Puerto Rico project.  I forgot to get a picture of him in his uniform (but here’s a picture of him feeding Max, he has appointed himself the chore of feeding and changing Max’s water, twice a day.  Awesome.  Now if only I could convince him to clean out the litter box…), but he wore last year’s jersey (navy, red and white, just like the PR flag) and brought along his glove.  He got an exceptional/exceeds all standards except for “making eye contact during the presentation” where he earned a “meets standards.”  So super proud of him!  Drew has a tee ball game tomorrow night, and is planning on bringing his trophy from last year to show and share, and is also going to wear his uniform to school.  Why not.  His pants are already red clayed up from last Saturdays game and if he wears it to school, and the game, that’s one less outfit for me to wash.  Score.

Mondays and Fridays with Drew

IMG_6052.JPGThese are my last Mondays and Fridays with just Drew.  In August, he’ll be in kindergarten.  For now, we’re enjoying being buddies.  Today, we dropped off Evan, he played with Charlie (a friend his age, not daddy) while I killed myself and ruined my elbows again (thank you, planking) at bootcamp, hung out at the car dealership for 2 hours while Daddy’s truck was serviced (what a trooper!  He enjoyed the iPad, the playroom, using the bathroom, Mr. Kenny and his stories about his 11 year old daughter, and watching big trucks move in and out of the service bay) and then as a treat, we hit Jersey Mike’s for lunch.  I will miss him lots come August!

Boys Weekend (Baseball, Star Wars and no clothes)

Mommy went to Raleigh to visit Leigh, Scott and Herschel, so the boys had a boys weekend with Daddy.  First, Drew had a tee ball game at 8:30am on Saturday.  Daddy was not impressed and Mommy helped get the boys ready so they had time to stop at Starbucks on the way.  This made for a happier Daddy 🙂  Drew did great in his game, Daddy and Grammy texted Mommy all the updates.  Then Evan played at 11:30.  He struggled a bit, striking out with the bases loaded and ended the inning, so that was discouraging, but I was proud how he kept his head up.  He got to bring home the rally monkey (maybe because he didn’t sulk or cry?  Not sure, but I think it helped keep his spirits up.  He’s the youngest on the team.  He seems like the only kid who doesn’t also play Fall Ball or year round.  He is 7!  But he’s doing better “looking alive” and being a team player).  That night, the boys built legos, the DID indeed shower (thank God, because Drew was covered, literally, in dirt.  Instead of watching Evan’s game, he apparently rolled down the hill for hours.  Nice) and watched some more Star Wars.  On Sunday, the boys had a lazy morning, and then rushed off to Evan’s 1:30 game.  But he forgot his hat and the rally monkey.  Daddy (not so pleasantly, so I’ve been told) rushed back home, gave Evan a lecture on keeping up with his stuff, and returned to the game.  And Evan got a HIT!  He hit a single and then made it home to score.  According to Daddy, the entire team met him at home plate and treated him as if he had won the playoffs for them.  The slapped his back, cheered for him, high fived him, and shouted that he deserved the game ball.  I was crying driving back from Raleigh, reading these texts (on speaker, no worries!)  These boys are priceless.  Because the coaches treat Evan so kindly with so much patience and encouragement, these boys are emulating their wonderful attitudes and it makes my day that Evan is part of such a team.  He did in fact receive the game ball (along with Landon, who didn’t miss a pitch) and got to keep the rally monkey for another few days (oh joy, something else to keep up with again).  Sunday evening, Mommy came home, we grilled out, and the boys finished watching Star Wars without pants on.  What a weekend!  Daddy is in California this week, so we’ll be sending him lots of pictures and videos of Evan presenting his Puerto Rico project, and of course, multiple baseball and tee ball games 🙂

Sick and busy week

So, Wednesday afternoon, Drew got sick again.  What is with his stomach issues?  On the way to pick up Evan, he threw up in the drive way, threw up in the car line (thank goodness for his good aim and for a blue plastic mixing bowl) and then on the way home.  And then he slept on the couch and in the bathroom all afternoon.  Evan and I used the silence to work on his Puerto Rico project.  Drew woke up at 6pm and was bewildered.  “What?!?  Evan already had dinner?  Can I have dinner?”  I was leery, but he kept down saltines and gatorade, so I also let him have a squeezy fruit.  I didn’t think he’d sleep that night, but he did, and on Thursday morning, was ready for school!  He had to be there for show and share.  Until he didn’t want to go.  So I told him if he wasn’t feeling well enough for school, he could come with me on errands.  Guess who perked up right away and put on his school shoes!?  Thursday afternoon, we played at the Prince’s.  The boys ran ran ran, chased each other and Bear, played basketball, played on the swing set with Jillian, and exhausted themselves.  Tomorrow Daddy will be home to put a new battery in Mommy’s car and have Friday night movie night!  Yahoo!

Evan at 7

IMG_60141) How old are you?  7.
2) What makes you happy?  Playing freeze tag with friends
3) What is your favorite animal?  gorilla
4) What is your favorite thing to eat?  Hot dogs and fruit salad
5) What is your least favorite thing to eat?  cranberry sauce and fried okra
6) What is your favorite thing to do?  go to the pool, exploring animals at the zoo
7) What is your favorite tv show?  Wild Kratts
8) What are you really good at doing?  math facts
9) What is your favorite movie?  Scooby Doo 2
10) What is your favorite color? Red and orange
11) What is your favorite song?  Michael Jackson, the whole Thriller CD

12) Who is your best friend?  Dylan and Jet and Eli

13) What do you do with your mommy?  We listen to music and watch Michael Jackson videos and she makes me dinner
14) What do you do with your daddy?  We watch Star Wars and have sleep overs we play nerf guns and baseball
15) What is your favorite sport?  basketball and baseball
16) Where is your favorite place to go?  the zoo
17) What is your favorite book?  The Big Book of Search and Find, Julius the Baby of the World
18) What do you want to be when you grow up?  Zoologist and a scientist and a police officer
19) What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  PB&J at home, chicken burrito or pizza at school
20) What is your favorite place you’ve visited this year?  Virginia Beach and Texas
21) What would you buy if you had a lot of money?  A pet gorilla and a pet iguana and another pet cat and a pet tarantula and pet dog and a house
22) What do you like learning about?  math facts, animals
23) If you had a  whole day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?  play minecraft all day
24) What is your favorite dessert? cake and ice cream
25) What are you scared of?  nothing!  I’m not scared of zombies like Drew is
26) What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play nerf guns with Drew
27) What is your favorite holiday?  Halloween because we get to dress up as crazy spooky things
28) What is your favorite snack?  an apple
29) What is your favorite cereal?  lucky charms
30) What is your favorite drink?  jersey mike’s lemonade

31) What is the most important lesson you’ve learned this year? We all are different on the outside but we’re all the same on the inside (“this is not my favorite lesson, but it is the most important”)

32) Who is your girlfriend? Gag!  I don’t have a girlfriend!

Happy birthday, Evan!

Evan turned 7 on Sunday!  Daddy got home last Saturday night so he could be here when Evan woke up.  But first, on Thursday afternoon, we painted the rock with Gillian and Dana.  (Okay, Gillian and Dana did it.  We did the black.  We are so helpful) 🙂  We left when they were still sketching out things with chalk, so we didn’t see it in person until Friday morning!  And the boys were AH-MAZED.  As was the entire school.  I had all of Evan’s friends’ moms texting me about what a great job they had done.  Drew and I got to bring donuts to Evan’s class at lunch, and Mrs. Brackman had asked me to cover the class while the teachers were in a meeting, so Drew, Giatta’s mom and I covered the lunch period and some time after.  The kids were RILED up on sugar, the Magic School Bus which they were allowed to watch during lunch since it was in the classroom, and having guests.  We returned them to Mrs. Greenleaf (good luck with your afternoon!) and headed home.  On Saturday, it was Opening Day at the ball fields, which means, pictures at 8am, a parade at 8:45 (every single athlete gets to run out on the field.  Every single one.  Every softball player.  Every tee ball player.  Every rookie coach pitch player.  Every coach pitch player.  Every minor player.  Ever major player.  I’m sure I’m missing some.  The announcer didn’t.   He called every one of them.  And he’s even more awesome since he pronounced our last name correctly.  Shout out to that nice man)  After the parade and opening pitches being thrown out, Evan stayed with his team to warm up and Drew and I hung with his teammates and Grammy.  Evan’s game started, we watched a bit of it, and then Drew and I headed down to his field.  Both games going on at the same time, thank you to Grammy for tag teaming with me!  Evan won his game, Drew would’ve won if they had kept score (that’s what I tell him every game) 🙂 so it was a successful day at the ball park.  We headed home for lunch and legos.  I made Evan’s birthday cake and we had a chill afternoon inside (it was freezing outside!)  On Sunday, Evan was 7!!!!!!!!!!  We had a lazy morning at home with Daddy, we opened presents from everyone on face time, and then Evan had a game that afternoon at 3:30.  After the game (they won again!) we grilled out cheeseburgers and hotdogs (Evan’s choice) and Grammy brought fruit salad and guacamole (Evan approved!). He loved his strawberry cake with blue vanilla frosting and fish candies on top (he had picked out the combination at Target a few days ago).  Evan, you are my big man.  I love you forever!  You are tenacious, kind hearted, lover of animals, so extremely bright (always skipping your spelling tests since you get a 100 on your pretests on Mondays!), an avid reader, lover of math and science especially, a wonderful big brother (when you want to be) and an amazing son.  We love you to the moon and back!  And to the sun and back!  And more than there are grains of sand on the beach 🙂  Happy birthday, my big 7 year old!

Bring on baseball and tee ball season!


Evan had his first game on Tuesday.  I was very nervous.  He is still 6.  He’s the youngest one on the team.  I think he’s the only one who doesn’t play all year or at least fall ball.  Still, he gets out there every practice, plays outfield or 3rd base, and while he seems out of it or day dreamy at times, he loves his teammates and keeps his head up.  At his first at bat, I didn’t even video it, I was so nervous.  However….THE BOY HIT A DOUBLE!  And then made it in to home 2 batters later!!!!  I was so super proud.  You should’ve seen his grin.  He was ecstatic.  WOOT WOOT EVAN!  Go Braves!!!!! The next night, Drew had his first game.  It was freezing but he was thrilled to be out there with his friends and teammates.  He loves to play pitcher or first base.  He concentrates way more this year and runs to every ball, even if it’s no where near him.  He is batting left handed and throwing right.  Go Nats!  I am so excited for both boys and their teams, bring it on!  We finished out the week with an eye doctor appointment for Drew (he did amazing!  I was very proud of him!) and playing at the park with Stella and Brooks.  Apparently, all of the Star Wars games that Evan thought up encouraged Stella to demand Princess Leia buns from her mom the next day, sorry about that, Amy!  We’ll make it up to you 🙂  We are gearing up for Evan’s birthday weekend and Opening Day at the ball fields!!